Mapping the Territory

Toward a critical urban praxis

17-19 Feb 2018 | Impact Hub Khartoum

Tags: Participatory Action Research, Co-design, Mapping, Representation, Urban, City 

The workshop helped realize who am I as a professional and opened my eyes to things I would never even think about
— Awab, workshop participant

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The workshop

In postcolonial contexts across Africa, the urban is always layered, complex and contested. Built environment professionals and development practitioners are tasked, mindfully or not, with the responsibility of representing urban realities. At the heart of our work is to study, analyse, and represent urban contexts, synthesising their complexities in order to identify entry points for interventions and ‘solutions’. Mapping is undoubtedly a political act; our choices in presenting urbanity are crucial in guiding development agendas. It is impossible to provide the right answers to development challenges unless we frame the right questions. By uncovering and engaging with the political nature of mapping and representing urban contexts, the workshop will support participants in developing the critical praxis needed to incorporate and amplify often marginalised voices towards inclusive and just urban practices. The workshop will explore critical theory as well as artistic expression in relation to different ways of knowing, complimenting the learning with a practical exercise of mapping a real urban context.

What participants learnt from the workshop

  • How to analyse and frame complex and multilayered urban settings.
  • How to work with different artistic mediums to present ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Engage with critical theory and examine key concepts from postcolonial and feminist thinkers on representation.


  • Architects, planners and built environment professionals looking to better analyse their urban interventions.
  • Geographers, ethnographers and sociologists looking into an urban focus.
  • Visual artists, musicians, and beyond, looking to draw inspiration from urban life and daily ambivalences.


Tasneem Nagi | Lecturer, M.Sc. University College London UCL, B.Sc., U.ofK. Tasneem is an urban researcher and strategist. Currently Lecturer at the University of Khartoum, her work revolves around urban politics, particularly processes marginalised urban communities may utilise in reclaiming political influence towards (re)shaping development agendas.


Afania De Jong | Afania is an Amsterdam based architect and educator. With her creative studio AFARAI, she works on the boundary of architecture and art. Her work is deeply connected to represent people and cultural movements that are not traditionally represented in architectural form.

Workshop in collaboration with: The University of Khartoum U.ofK., Faculty of Architecture F.oA.