• The DfD project is only possible with the support of external donations by foundations and organisations
  • Donation is possible by contributing full or part of the budget
  • In the timeframe of 2018-2021, all donations dedicated for the DfD project will be received, monitored and managed by the official administration of Zurich University of the Arts - ZHdK, Department Design - DDE, Master of Arts in Design
  • The DfD project did not receive any kind of fund or endowment due date


  • 1st donation milestone: September - December 2018: our piloting activity in Sudan
  • Detailed budget plan is available upon request. Please contact us for acquiring the project’s budget plan.



Contact person: 

Prof. Michael Krohn | Project Steering & Adminstration  

Head of Department Design, ZHdK

michael.krohn(at) | 


Lina Ibnidris | Scientific Researcher, the DfD project