Design by the people

On transmitting socially and culturally responsive architectural and urban design in Sudan

It was an insightful experience. I will definitely be more thoughtful and concerned about the humanist dimension of any architectural project in the future
— Abdelrahman, A workshop participant

-Workshop, lecture. Khartoum, Jan 2017

Tags: Human-centered design, design ethnography, ethnography in architectural research



(Design by the people) is a design ethnography workshop, organized in collaboration with the University of Khartoum (U.ofK.), Faculty of Architecture, Khartoum, Sudan, in 08-12 January 2017, for M.Sc. of Architecture students, graduates and urban designers from the Ministry of Physical Planning, Khartoum. The workshop covered a basic theoretical and practical introduction to HCD and design ethnography methods to be applied in the architectural and urban design research in Sudan.

Despite the challenging socio-cultural, economic and class heterogeneity the people in Sudan are currently facing, they still share the same dream to make difference and impact their realities. Same as for regular people, architects in Khartoum dream to impact people’s lives through design. On the other hand, urban areas in and around Khartoum are currently witnessing a rapid process of urbanization and modernization (al-Ashhab, n.d.). Thus, architects, urban designers and developers wish to take a positive role in this process. Based on these grounds, now is a crucial and a timely moment to introduce HCD and design ethnography to Sudanese designers, architects and people from the creative fields. As these methods empower them to create sustainable, livable, empathetic and inclusive urban environments. HCD and design ethnography can redirect Sudanese designer’s energy toward generating socially and culturally responsive designs. Sudanese designers have a high creative capacity, curiosity and flexibility to experiment with a new design mindset, methods and tools. The workshop aimed to encourage Sudanese architects/ designers to be explorers, go out of studios and meet people in the field, thus create meaningful design experiences and products. 

Workshop participants

Abdella Khalid, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Akram Idrees, Alaa Abdalmonem Noor, Amanda Musa, Areeg Salaeldien, Arwa Abbas, Asjad Badreldeen, Awfatif Kamal, Azza Mohamed, Duha Yahia, Egal Alwasig, Gadisiya M. Ahmed, Hala Ibrahim, Hiba Abdul Nadir, Ibtehal Hag Magie, Manasik Salah, Masada Eltahir, Mohammed- Elsmoual, Nisrin Abd Elrahim, Noura Adil, Nuha Saeed, Rayan Khalil, Reem Salah, Salma Mahgoub, Samah Abdelmoneim, Tagwa Ahmed, Tahlil Osman, Tayseer Musa, Yosrra Khalid

Workshop organizers

Presented by: Lina Ibnidris, designer, architect (sia)

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Francis Müller, Lecturer, theory expert, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK

Guest presenter: Tasneem Nagi, Urban strategist, researcher, University of Khartoum U.ofK. 

Workshop partner: The University of Khartoum U.ofK., Faculty of Architecture F.oA.

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